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29 Jun 2017

How Hockey Rinks and Arenas Schedule Ice Time


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Posted By Ken P.

Winter games usually revolve around things like snow and ice, but when it comes to a skating or hockey rink, fun can be had year round. To get in on the action, non pro teams will have to schedule time on the ice. These allotted sessions, known as "ice time" can be doled out a number of ways.

Determining "ice time" will depend largely on the hockey arena and their policies. For example, while some ice rinks specialize only in hokey, others may allow figure skaters time on the ice. In a rink that splits their activities this way, ice time may be divided into the particular sports or training sessions. For example, early morning hours may be dedicated to skaters with evening and afternoons going towards hockey players.

Rinks that are open to the public are often structured this way and one may have to call to get a coveted time slot. However, you can get primo time slots if you plan ahead.

Pre-booking and block purchasing

Some athletes can get great sessions by purchasing blocks of time at a discounted rate. Let's say for example, the arena charges $25 dollars an hour. You may be able to purchase four hours of time for $75 dollars, saving $25 dollars in the process. Ask about any specials and bundles the rink may have if you plan to visit often.

Paid memberships

Some arenas offer paid memberships where you can buy scheduled allotments. Members may be privy to schedules that are not accessed by the public so an individual can have private practice or training time. These membership payments maybe monthly or annual and the feasibility will depend on how often you plan to utilize the allotted time periods.

Ice rink schedules and time slots

Although non pro rinks are open to the public, champion and competition athletes can go there to skate as well as beginners. A rink may schedule ice time with this in mind, placing competitive and sport related skaters in time slots when new skaters or children will not be present. This helps the professional hockey player or skater concentrate on their training without a lot of needless interruption or distraction.


Walk-in policy will once again depend on the rink itself. While some establishments will allow anyone in at any time, others that offer memberships or scheduled sessions will have certain hours where walk ins are accepted. Anyone who is interested in visiting a local ice hockey or skating rink for the first time needs to contact the establishment before visiting.

Seasonal schedules

During the summer months the humidity can greatly affect the texture of the ice. Pros know how to modify their training for this occurrence but many beginning and intermediate hockey players may find this disconcerting. This is why rinks may limit operating hours in warmer months.

Schedule fluctuations

Try as they might, rink coordinators will have instances where they have to alter their scheduling to accommodate a professional team of for emergency maintenance.

Those how sign up for email alerts can receive messages regarding the availability of the rink and will receive notice of these changes. Many who are technologically savvy send automatic email updates that highlight rink availability.

If you are interested in joining a local hockey league or even in just leaning how to ice skate, your best bet is to contact a local hockey arena to see what kind office time schedules are available. Some of them may even offer lessons for novices who are intrigued by the fun sport.

Come winter, spring or fall, Hockey and ice games will always have an appeal no matter where you live. If you want to add another fun, fat burning activity to your weekly routine, check into the activities offered at your neighborhood ice arena.


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